A great day out at LONCON3

As I mentioned here, I attended LONCON3  the 72nd Science Fiction WorldCon. I was impressed with the organisation, the venue (the ExCel), the relaxed feel, the programme and much else. In one day it is hard to do justice to something so well thought through. I ...Read More

Mimosa – a short story

As mentioned before, Derek Murphy is running a monthly short story competition on CreativIndie. This month the theme was romance, or star-crossed lovers to be precise. Given my predilection for science-fiction this was quite a challenge; if you would like to read the result ...Read More

Attending LONCON 03

I am hoping to attend the World Science Fiction Convention this weekend in London (LONCON 03). The event is at the ExCel and should be packed. The agenda is full of interesting items and not just for writers. It is a long time since ...Read More

Your sitcom mission…

I haven’t mentioned my reading list recently; to put that right I thought I’d recommend the book I am reading now: Your Sitcom Mission… Should You Choose To Accept It. There is a reason why I am looking into writing a sitcom (and it is ...Read More