iOS Scrivener arrives!

Much rejoicing amongst die-hard fans as iOS Scrivener hits the App Store. As part of  this, Literature and Latte has released updates to its desktop versions. These are both to do with support for the new iOS version, but also tidy up a few ...Read More

iOS Scrivener July confirmed

Yes: iOS Scrivener July 2016 is confirmed. Yes, after too many years of waiting and speculating, Literature & Latte has announced a release date for the much-awaited iOS Scrivener. They confirm pricing will be $19.99 and it they will make it available through the App Store. ...Read More

Elements of fiction

I was reading Modern Short Stories Two, edited by Jim Hunter and came across this view on the five main elements of fiction: plot, character, setting, style and theme. My immediate thought was I liked the first three of these, but wasn’t so sure about the ...Read More