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A bit of a hornet’s nest

I seem to have created some reaction with my recent post Tools for editing and proofreading. Apart from a bit of trolling (and you know who you are), I had some interactions with two of the software companies listed and also a link to someone else’s ...Read More

Spacejock software

If you’re interested in free software to help with your writing then at some stage you will discover Simon Haynes (twitter:[email protected]) and his site: Spacejock Software. Simon is not only an author (here is his Amazon profile)  but also a software developer and provides ...Read More

Scapple brainstorming software

After much deliberation on tools over many months I have added Scapple to my collection. Made by Literature and Latte (of Scrivener fame) it is a free form note taken tool that can support brainstorming. I will be using it to explore some ideas and will write up my ...Read More