Remember to network

Over on my Doctor Who specific blog (Red Rocket Rising – here) I have just published an interview with Matt West and Alun Harris of Miwk Publishing about the production of their book Justyce Served. I called the interview Serving Justyce and it is here if you want to take a look.

Apart from some shameless self-publicising, I mention this as it was a lesson to us all in the power of networking. I have a copy of the book which comes with a free CD of extras. I intended to write a short review plugging the CD extras and emailed the publisher for permission to use parts of some images in a short piece. A few emails later and the writers of the book (Matt and Alun) agreed to be interviewed for my blog and you can see the results for yourself. Miwk themselves have also linked back to the piece from their product Facebook page.

I’m pleased with the outcome (thought it looks a bit long for a standard blog entry). I only published it today and it is already one of the most popular posts of this year which says something about the power of networking.

What are your experiences?



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