Keep it fresh and focused

Whilst I’m cherry picking examples from my other blogs to illustrate the factors that affect freelance writing success I thought I would give an example of the importance of timeliness.

After the break I talk about how a timely post caused my visitor count to soar – but only for a day!

In many respects blogging is journalistic: some posts are universally true and it matters little as to when they are posted (this being an example); others are critically time dependent so while it is always nice to review something you enjoyed even if it dates from more than 25 years ago (and I frequently do) it can also be important to catch the wave of interest if you want to be noticed (and if you, like me, continually look at the visitor statistics of your site).

Back in June 2012 I happened to go to a concert, blog about the experience (here) then find that my piece was up by Gonzo daily (who are found here). They kindly featured my piece on their pick of the day page and I had more visits than I normally get in a week. Next day of course it was all history.

As to the post; I think it is OK for what it is and I added some photographs I took. The content is rather factual with the set list taking a lot of space but people tend to look for that in a gig review on-line. I also now have a useful contact for the next time I have a similar piece so a networking bonus (and we should never stop networking as I stress here).

What are your experiences? Do let me know!



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