2012 Looking back

2012So as 2012 fades away into distant memory it is of course entirely appropriate to contemplate that which was and to reflect upon successes.

Most importantly for me is that 2012 was the year in which I took the first step towards re-balancing my work / life and finding out what the possibilities are for freelance writing.

Beyond that I did some things that surprised me and learned some things that will stand me in good stead. I had some successes but could no doubt have done more with more application and focus. These too can be learned.

For the sake of making a list here are the things that most spring to mind:

  • I am in a printed book with three more to follow
  • I am a named writer for Starburst Magazine
  • I have made some useful contacts and am starting to see a bigger picture
  • I have had some rejections and identified areas where I need to change
  • My writing has hopefully improved but there is a lot more to come.

If nothing else then from tomorrow I will be in my second year as a writer!

That’s my sense of the year – how did your year go?


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