2013 Looking forward

2013Having looked back on 2012 I need to set some targets (using STAMP) to allow me to look back again on 2013 in a year’s time.

These are a stretch on my successes from 2012 and also I know some of them are more likely than others as the lag between getting an idea accepted and it appearing in print can be weeks to months.

Without further delay let’s move to the actual targets for 2013…

The Targets

Get 12 letters published: this may look like a fairly simple target, particular if you look at the experience I had in 2012. What this does though is encourage me to keep looking at new markets and stretch my imagination and trigger new ideas

Get 6 articles published: I believe I may have some already close so again this looks achievable. This is possibly the most important target as these lead to income which is much of the point!

Get 4 short stories finished: of course they need more than that! Each will be submitted somewhere / peer reviewed and will help me understand whether or not I can do fiction or should stick to non-fiction

Attend 3 events: I got a lot of networking and some opportunities from one event in 2012 so clearly these are worth looking out for and attending

Publish 1 eBook: this is primarily for the experience though I will use it as a channel for some fiction ideas. I will keep you posted!

That’s me – what are your targets?


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