Bafflegab uses reviews for Hammer Chiller promotion

Hammer ChillersIt’s always nice to get feedback and I am pleased to note that two recent reviews I have written are being used by the publisher in their promotional material.

The reviews are on the Starburst website and are for the joint Bafflegab / Hammer productions the Hammer Chillers!


Hammer Chillers (details here) are a joint project with Bafflegab Production (website here). My review of the first of these, The Box is here and is quoted on the Bafflegab News page (It’s Hammer Time!). The quote used is:

“This is first rate… a high-quality production in the Hammer style,” says Starburst Magazine.

Just today my review for the latest of these, Paul Magrs’s excellent Spanish Ladies is quoted in the launch email:

 “This particular story moves through the unpleasant, the horrific and into the downright shocking… totally absorbing and unforgettable.”

Starburst Magazine

It’s always nice to get noticed and a good example of the virtuous circle between reviewer and reviewee

If you have anything you’d like reviewed including film, play, book, game or audio do get in touch.



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