June 2013 – taking stock

A list held in two hands one holds a penBack in January 2013 I set out some objectives (as described here) making sure that the followed the STAMP approach I explained here. Now that June is winding down and the year is half-way through I thought I should take stock on progress. Psychologically this allows me to pat myself on the back, re-focus and even reset some of the objectives I had. So how have I done so far?

Progress in 2013

A quick summary of progress:

Target Progress Smiles
Publish ebook(s) 1 Only outline ideas for something small
Attend events 3 One so far Small Smile
Finish short stories 4 One so far (entered into competition)
One due to be published, one in progress
Small SmileSmall Smile
Publish articles 6 Six and more coming Small SmileSmall SmileSmall Smile
Publish letters 12 None!

Apart from the general work, my writing for Starburst Magazine (which had no specific targets) has taken off this year as follows:

Printed in magazine
  • Two interviews
  • Two reviews
Small SmileSmall Smile
Published on website
  • Sixteen news items
  • Eleven reviews
  • Six interviews
Small SmileSmall SmileSmall Smile

And my Doctor Who blog (Red Rocket Rising) has grown by a massive 182 posts (some tiny news items) and led me to write a guest post on Unreality SF.


A mix of successes which is not a surprise. A cynic would suggest I spend too much time blogging and on building my brand in science fiction (particularly the Starburst work) but anything that need research, writing up and acceptance by one or more editors is valid even if it is a small thing.

Clearly some targets have been neglected (letter writing) and others were set too low. I am doing so much Starburst work it probably needs a Key Performance Indicator rather than a target. The difference is a KPI is a measure of outcome and any target element is a baseline for measurement not a measure of success or failure. This is a somewhat subtle point that comes up in Service Level Management and I don’t propose to get side-tracked discussing it here.

New targets for the end of 2013

Target Note
Publish ebook(s) 1 Unchanged
Attend events 3 Unchanged
Finish short stories 6 Up from 4
Publish articles 10 Up from 6
Publish letters 0 Not a priority

And some KPIs around Starburst:

Printed in magazine Six items
Published on website Fifty items

I won’t make any predictions about my blog!

I’ll see you in December to determine if the year was largely successful or not!


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