Unwound – a Frank Thomson tale

A computer to represent my story UnwoundI’d like to point out something I have had published over on the Starburst website (and it’s nothing to do with also reviewing for them!). Called Unwound it is a short (circa 1,600 words) story about an unusual client for Frank Thomson, a Cambridge based private detective. The client’s life is unwinding and he needs help getting it back!

If you want to read the story please visit Starburst here; if you want to know about Frank Thomson and his world, please carry on after the break…

Frank Thomson

Frank Thomson is in his late forties / early fifties and was a DI in London but moved to Cambridge to get away from the rat-race. He found that policing was not what he wanted (too much procedure and regulation) but to help people and set wrongs to right even in a small way.

Apart from the normal cut and thrust of divorces, security advice, missing persons and surveillance work Frank also attracts the stranger cases. These may involve UFO sightings, vampires, faeries or other strange events. In each case the story is one that could almost be taking place in the corner’s of our own world. This isn’t an alternate/expanded reality story in the Neverwhere / Undone / Buffy style but somewhere between Morse, Dirk Gently and Arthur C Clarke’s Tales from the White Hart.

I’m really happy to get any feedback on this – good or critical and I am already planning Frank’s next case!



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