What am I reading?

Tinity College Dublin LibraryJuly 2013: a quick post to share details of a couple of books I am reading. As I posted in Software for Writing I am in the process of comparing various pieces of software for writing. As part of that process I am also considering the needs of various classes of writer (fiction, factual, script-writer &c,.), types of writer and the role of structure in writing (on which more another time).

With that context, carry on to find out what I am reading…

Into the Woods by John Yorke coverInto the Woods by John Yorke: a decent essay on various story forms including the monomyth / Vogler / Campbell / 3 Act drama / 5 Act Drama which also gives a lot of other advice on character and writing in general.

John Yorke wrote the book for scriptwriters but it is still of great interest to any writer thinking about writing and wrestling with the role of structure.

Becoming a Writer by Dorothea BrandeBecoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande: somewhat of a classic text from 1934 which is currently in re-print but still of great interest and relevance. The language is outdated in places as are some of the practical examples but there is still plenty here to make it worth a read.



  1. “Becoming a Writer” by Dorthea Brande is by far the best book for beginning writers.. It just might be the only book on Writing you’ll ever need.


    • Roy,
      Certainly the bulk of the content is as relevant today as it’s ever been. As a keen student of psychology I maintain that each type of writer has different needs but I do agree that this book has talks about something essential.

      Thanks for dropping by


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