Recommended: Moleskine Notebook

MoleskineDespite all my interest in software for writing (see Software for Writing II for example) there are still many occasions when technology isn’t the answer.

For those train journeys, waits at bus stops and many other occasions I still need something physical to jot ideas down and a place to collect them for future reference. My handwriting needs some improvement but the answer, for me, is an A5, blank Moleskine.

The reasons are:

  • A5 – small and lightweight so I am more likely to carry it
  • Blank – I find rules inhibiting. I don’t mind quadrille (squares) but blank is best I find for free-form thinking
  • Moleskine – they may be a bit dearer but that makes the notebook something to cherish I believe. They also last longer!

Thoughts – do you still use paper for notes? What do you do to capture ideas when you’re out and about – Dictaphone? Let me know!


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