More books to read

Books on a shelfI previously mentioned in What am I reading? a couple of interesting books so I have decided to keep the idea going. I have just had some time on holiday to read one of those books that every writer simply must read. Trite I know, but in this case true…

A must read

Show Dont Tell by William NobleWilliam Noble’s 1991 book Show Don’t Tell (I read the 2011 re-published ‘Classic’ edition) is a wonderful book and available for Kindle so an ideal holiday read (my download is now covered in electronic notes). Not just a through exposition of why we should show with action rather than tell with prose this actually covers a whole range of good writing practice.

Having read this I am now dismayed at how far my writing needs to improve and also pleased that I now, at least, have a few clues! It’s also worth looking at


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