Book Suggestion: For Who the Bell Tolls by David Marsh

For Who the Bell TollsAt the risk of turning this blog into a book review site (see yesterday’s New on my bookshelf) I have found (via a handy tweet) a book that I think I will be buying.

Called For Who the Bell Tolls (and yes that is a deliberate title) this is written by journalist David Marsh and available from October 2013 (Amazon link here).

Why this book?

Conveniently the tweet that recommended this to me was a link to a link article by David Marsh based around some re-written segments of the book. The link is on the guardian website 10 grammar rules you can forgetI suggest you read that as it contains plenty of good advice (some of which is widely available such as that concerning split infinitives); it will also help you decide if you want the book or not.


At the bottom of the article David Marsh mentions that exclamation marks being known as bang, shriek, dog’s cock or screamer; he then says he never heard any of these used. many years back I worked in typesetting and heard the first three regularly used and we even had our own word – pling. I always liked this and a quick Google suggest others use it too.


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