NaNoWriMo – One month to go!

Autumn LeavesWelcome to October and welcome to the countdown to NaNoWriMo! There’s really not long to go so if you’re serious then time is running out. If you haven’t got everything prepared by now I’ve provided a checklist to help you get ready…


This list covers the essentials; there’s plenty more advice over on the NaNoWriMo site but this should help you to make a good start.

  1. Make sure your family / loved ones know what you’re planning. You will need their support and understanding
  2. Have you signed up on the site
  3. Have you sketched out your story? November is for writing not plotting!
  4. Have you a decent scene-by-scene outline?
  5. Do you have a target? I suggested more than 50,000 words in this post Is NaNoWriMo a good idea?
  6. Do you know how you will work? What are your busy days and your free days? I discussed the whole concept of pacing in A project manager’s approach to NaNoWriMo
  7. Do you have some support in place? Make sure you’ve signed up and have some people around to share tips and provide encouragement!

By the way

I picked the autumn leaf picture not only to remind readers of the time of year (in the UK and Northern Hemisphere) but also to suggest the need to tidy up and to get ready for something. Antipodean readers please feel free to substitute your own images!


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