Finding the time to write – dancing around the day job

Time on Houses of ParliamentI just haven’t got the time. My day job gets in the way. I didn’t manage write anything today. Excuses I know I’ve used (along with many others). As part of NaNoWriMo I thought I would tackle this head on and see just how easy it actually was to fit in a few extra words in a day. I picked a day when I had to commute and would be unable to write on the train. What is possible when you try?

An extra 1,000 words

That’s what I managed. I woke up early and had a choice of making an early train and getting in too early for a meeting or switch on the PC and write. In twenty minutes 400 words. Only first draft but still.

No chance to write on the journey and several meetings. I did get time over lunch so I fired up my laptop and started to write myself an email. Over a sandwich and between meetings another 600 words.

By the time I returned home around 7 pm I had 1,000 words ready and this helped keep my NaNoWriMo momentum. I have since tried the email trick a couple of other times and managed at least 750 words each time.

It’s all about the art of the possible!


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