CreativIndie – more recommended resources

CreativIndieTwo sites from Derek Murphy to point out today (it must be a Christmas thing making this sudden urge to share) both highly recommended in their own right. I think that both are packed with interesting articles, tools and freebies. Both will be interest to any writer particularly those thinking of self-publishing or keen to do better in that field.

The two CreativIndie sites

If you’re busy the two sites are:

The first of these is a blog full of advice to writers seeking to become published. There is plenty to read and I also suggest you follow Derek on twitter (@Creativindie). Expect several posts inspired by Derek’s site over the coming months.

The second is the blog I found first (if that make’s sense) – it’s a complete guide to Derek’s cover design service and hints for how to make your own. Do read How to make your own DIY Book Covers in MS Word! (with Templates) which is completly free. Even if you aren’t a brilliant artist this at least allows you to develop a concept cover for a work in progress. I did this for NaNoWriMo and it did make the book seem more real while I was producing the first draft.

Do let me know what you think of these and leave any other suggestions in the comments.


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