Targets for 2014

2014I’ve reviewed progress in 2013 and now comes the setting of expectations for 2014. As before I will make targets Specific Time-boxed Achievable Measurable and Positive (STAMP). As well as targets (and KPIs) I want to set out some overall goals to show how the various targets contribute. It also allows me to chart success even if it is in ways I didn’t anticipate.


I want to become more T-shaped (see wiki: T-shaped skills) and with that in mind my goals are:

  • Horizontally (the top of the T): widen out and specifically:
    • Network more
    • Write for more publications
    • Publish fiction as well as non-fiction
  • Vertically (the stem of the T): the themes for 2013 were (broadly) psychology, reviewing, science-fiction and some interviewing. I need to work on all of these areas in 2014


With the above goals in mind, my targets are:

Item Target Notes
Attend events 4 Writer’s workshops, publisher’s events or training for example
Complete eBooks 2 I managed none in 2013 and this needs attention
New publications 4 Write for at least this many new titles in 2014 (likely to revise up at mid-year)
Published articles 12 I may count published short-stories as and when they happen
Enter competitions 6 Primarily short story but this may change
Short stories 8 Complete this many short stories
Final draft of The Third Door 1 My 2013 NaNoWriMo title which I hope to finish drafting by May 2014
NaNoWriMo 2014 60k Aim to match last year’s success

I think the link back to the various goals is self-explanatory.


I had a lot of material published on StarBurst Magazine and obviously want to keep that up as it plays to the vertical section of the T. I will monitor actual publications against the following measures:

Published in magazine 6
Published on website 50

There you have it – targets / goals for 2014 which will stretch me compared to where I ended 2013. What are your goals for writing? How do you set your targets? Let me know!


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