Worksheets for writers – a useful resource

Worksheets for writersDepending on your personal style (more on that coming soon) you may benefit from this rich set of worksheets hosted by paranormal author Jami Gold. Even if your psychology is such that lists and spreadsheets feel like a restriction I still recommend that you have a browse and maybe look round Jami’s web site for other items of interest.

If you want to know more I talk further about why I think these resources should be of interest.

Beat Sheets

If nothing else it is worth having a look at the reams of material on beat sheets. Students of novel structure and the monomyth will be intrigued by the number of ways to slice up the story structure and the idea of beats is a strong one. Most stories will benefit from having a rhythm of major events to keep the reader’s interest.

Other resources

There are not only spreadsheets but also some Scrivener templates. The spreadsheets also include some checklists (eg elements of a great scene) and I think as a whole this is well worth looking at.

What do you think? Are there other resources I could list? What other writers’ tools are there that are similar to or would complement this?


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