Free random image card download for writers

Random Dice mean random imageI decided to make something available free to anyone interested — random image cards. What these are for and how to use them I explain after the break. If you’ve never heard of this it is a brainstorming technique that I have found very useful when training people on problem solving.

The cards themselves are embedded as images at the bottom if you want to just scroll down.

How to use the cards

When writing you may be stuck with your characters in a certain situation: you may want a reason for the hero to be in Spain, you may want to explain how the villain found out about the police plot, you may just need a way for two people to meet and fall in love. Whatever the story point you may need some inspiration — this is where the cards come into play.

You shuffle and pick, see what the image means to you then see how it helps the story. You might pick the picture of the safe – is this a secret, a mystery or a target for a robbery? how does that help your writing? You may pick the part eaten apple — is this Snow White, Adam and Eve or just something to do with apples / orchards / healthy eating? The possibilities are many. If the first random image doesn’t help then try another.

How to make the random image cards

Just click on the images below to get the full size random images and save to your computer. Print them onto A4, laminate then cut along the lines. Simple!

I got all the images from a royalty free clip-art site. You may want to make your own. There is no science to selecting these, just go for a mixture. I use clip art rather than photos as the imagery is simpler. Not everyone is visual so you may find that adding  the name of the object underneath might help you. I didn’t do that as I only speak the one language! Feel free to play around or make your own.

The cards

These are just stored as JPEGs and should scale to whatever paper you use (let me know if you have problems). I made them originally for A4 (UK).
Random Cards 2 Random Cards 1 Random Cards 3Do let me know how these work out for you – I’d love to hear!



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