#twitterfiction 2014

Twitter_FictionYou may or may not be into short fiction or flash fiction (really short fiction). The concept of fiction via twitter may even be obvious. A couple of years ago Nev Fountain tweeted a whole story for his detective Mervyn Stone. You may not know of #twitterfiction Festival 2014.

What is #twitterfiction Festival 2014?

Running from March 12 – 16, 2014 and sponsored by USA Today this is a showcase of fiction at it’s fastest (well shortest anyway). The organisers ran a competition to find writers to produce, via twitter, stories during this five day festival. Winners are showcased via the site and it is a great way to get ideas to your audience and be a bit experimental. All stories will have the hashtag #twitterfiction. There are also plenty of real world events (in the US).


I entered the competition to get selected with an idea that had some legs (and got me through to the second round) though ultimately didn’t get me through to the showcase. This doesn’t actually matter, as the organisers point out:

Hello Tony,

Thanks for sharing your idea for #TwitterFiction Festival 2014. This time around your fiction didn’t make the cut for the official showcase.

The silver lining? You can still take part! From March 12-16, we hope you’ll still tweet all the fiction your heart desires with #twitterfiction. We’ll be watching and pulling in tweets to our website and handle.

Bottom line: This festival is for everyone, not just for the people chosen for the showcase. So, we hope you’ll still participate!

We look forward to seeing your Tweets in March.

— Team #TwitterFiction Festival

Will I still take part? I may well do though on reflection my idea probably needs more time to brew than just a five day window. I’ll let you know; if not I may turn it into something else via twitter.

Did you submit an idea to #twitterfiction? Is twitter fiction a fad or a genuine form of narrative? Thoughts please!


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