Three pieces published in Vector #275

Vector 275 cover from BSFAThe latest copy of Vector from the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) includes three pieces of mine. Details of the pieces below – if you’ve seen a copy and have any comments let me know. If there’s anything similar you’d like produced for a magazine / blog / website why not get in touch? Contact details are here: Contact.

If you want more details on Vector you can read this detailed post from the editor Martin Petto: BSFA Review – Vector #275


The three pieces are:

  • My moment of 2013: an informal few hundred words on my science fiction moment of 2013 (watching Time of the Doctor)
  • A longer article 2013 in SF Audio: which is a follow up to the article I wrote last year (details here – that was 2012 in SF Audio!)
  • A review of Halo Jones: this is the classic comic book by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson (and is mentioned in the link above).

A good range of pieces that I am pleased with – do let me know if you see them!


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