Your Life Plan by Erica Sosna

Your Life Plan by Erica SosnaI am part way through a career guide called Your Life Plan by Erica Sosna. You may wonder why this is of interest to writers other than those also looking to re-invigorate their careers; the answer is the way Erica has constructed the book. The approach Erica has taken, which is drawn from extensive coaching experience, is to map people’s lives to the monomyth or Hero’s Journey.

The core idea is that you can think of making change in your life in the same terms as being the hero in your own life and with your own version of the journey. I have only just started but already am enjoying Erica’s treatment of the monomyth and getting some new insights into story telling for real characters. I will let you have a review when I have read it – has anyone else picked up a copy? What do you think?



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