Sci Fi London 2014 competition entered

RAF C17 Globemaster Transport Aircraft in Camp Bastion, AfghanistanI completed my flash fiction entry for the Sci Fi London 2014 challenge in good order. I managed 1,100 ish words on a range of 1,000 – 1,500 and the story hangs together ok and I think is has some atmosphere. I won’t reveal my title / given line / suggested technology yet but the picture on the left gives a clue. BTW – it is from the Ministry of Defence’s stock photo library which is an excellent resource.

I did have some interesting experiences whilst writing this …

What I learned

Given this was a 48 hour project I was sanguine about fitting it in to my weekend – this was until I realised that  I had also arranged a day out away from anywhere I could write. This meant getting my writing prompt on my phone and having no option to start creating. I realised afterwards that not rushing to write the story just because of the short window was no bad thing; I could juggle ideas in my head while driving and away from my computer. I ended up not going with the first idea I had.

Lesson: You can take more time considering before you start writing – sometimes the first idea isn’t the best

I started the actual writing Sunday and this would have been fine until a power-cut contrived to happen as I was mid-way through typing. The net delay to writing was two – three hours which was most of the spare time I’d allocated to the writing. On the plus side I have been using Scrivener a lot which auto-saves almost continually meaning I didn’t lose any work when the power did come back.

Lesson: Save your work regularly – it’s not just human error that can cause you to lose work

I finished the story comfortably and while it may be nearer the low end of the target word count I am pleased with it. Next stop May 1st and the results!


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