More books in my intray

LibraryAstute visitors will have noticed that I seem to spend more time blogging and thinking about writing than actually writing; when I’m not doing either of those I’m reading about writing. To further support this theory I thought I’d mention the latest books that I am part way through reading. As to how I read three books at once blame commuting for one title (ebook) and poor filing for the other two.

I’ll let you figure out which is which!

The books in question

Hero with a 1000 faces (Campbell)Starting up is the classic The Hero with A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell which, as you probably know, is where we get the monomyth from. I finally decided to read this whilst reading Your Life Plan by Erica Sosna. I enjoyed Erica’s book (here is my Amazon review of Your Life Plan) and thought it about time I read the Campbell book on the monomyth. It’s a very serious tome and so far I have read little of it.

I’ll get back to you!

The Story Book (Baboulene)I’m also reading The Story Book by David Baboulene which I read about on a newsletter (when I remember which I’ll update). This is a highly recommended book and (so far) has taught me a few things about both structure and subtext. This is definitely a book I wish I’d read earlier on and I think I would have changed a few things in my NaNoWriMo novel with the insights I have already learned.

This is part of a series so I suspect I will be reading more of these. I’ll keep you posted.

Well Fed Writer (Bowerman)One of my correspondents recommended The Well Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman a book about making the leap for your dream (very much in the style of Erica’s advice in Your Life Plan) and finding how to make money. I have yet to really get into this but I suspect it will also cause me to look long and hard at my priorities. If nothing else it should give me a few ideas.

Any thoughts? What else should I take a look at? Let me know!


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