My BSFA TweetStream 2014 tweets (#tbsfa)

BSFA Logo with twitter birdsAs I mentioned earlier I took part in the British Science Fiction Society’s 2014 twitter fiction event on Easter Weekend. I have collected my tweets here for posterity (and so I don’t forget any of them). They are mostly light hearted, amusing little tweets with a dark heart. I found the experience of taking part fascinating and was in some good company with A list authors such as Alastair Reynolds also taking part.

My tweets

Humanity: carbon-based bipedal life form, primitive technology. Best served raw

The Xenzi mated once before dying in orbit around the blue planet. Only their hungry offspring survived. Millions of them

NASA computers finally decoded the first message from the stars: “You may have been mis-sold Alien Invasion Insurance…

Planet overrun? Want to clean up and start again? Call StarClean – reasonable rates. Carbon life a speciality!

Realising she’d accidentally 3d-printed 6 copies of Johnny Depp Jane realised that it might be a long night

He closed the heavy door secure in his sanctuary, removed his boots and lay down unaware of the shadows taking form around him

The last Kiwi soldier was killed by the arrows of the oncoming Ozzie army. Thus ended World War Four

And on the 8th day the Devil invented social media and his work was done

For sale. Development opportunity. Needs some repair. Vacant possession. No chain. Called Earth

…the loop. This time he would change the phasing on the time manipulator and break the paradox. He would finally escape…

Of them all the ones I have highlighted in bold were the most popular in terms of views / re-tweets.

Your thoughts, as ever, welcome!


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