Rejection: The joy of writing

RejectAs it happens I had two short stories rejected this weekend by two different publications. One of them I was fairly optimistic about but rejection goes with the territory. That got me thinking – a lot of the craft of writing is about far more than just sitting at a keyboard and creating the next block buster / viral tweet / blog post but about the long hard slog of being a professional (albeit occasional) writer.

Rejection – not the end of the world

I think that rejection (within reason) is therefore a mark that one is on the right track – before you embark upon being a writer you can’t have rejection letters! As Erica Sosna points out in her book Your Life Plan you can view a change in your life as be analogous to the Hero’s journey – getting rejection letters means you are in the throws of crossing the threshold and entering the belly of the whale.

As to those two stories? I’ll submit each to the other publication and see what happens!


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