XJ Selman on the Dangers of Formulas

XJ Selman bannerI found an interesting piece by writer XJ Selman (who writes on Cracked) and writes with real passion on the subject of writing to a set pattern, Michael Moorcock and pulp. This treads similar ground to a piece I wrote a couple of months ago: Doc Savage – what can we learn from 181 pulp magazines?

In his post XJ derides the whole approach and while I admire his passion and style I do wonder if he is conflating (mixing together) several different points. In terms of his piece I am currently exploring being the kind of writer he has little time for but I think that’s fine. Why not read his piece: The Dangers of Formulas, Pulp Fiction and the Pressures of Self-PublishingI’d be interested in any thoughts particularly if you are a self-publisher or are about to be!


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