How to be popular – reviewing

Crowd and being popularAs you will have noticed I review lots of things and recently added my name to the list of would be reviewers on a book promotion site (Free review anyone?). After only a few days I am surprised by the amount of enquiries I have already had and what that means. On the plus side (and I didn’t do it for that) it means more traffic. There are other pluses and minuses…

The pluses

Apart from the extra traffic you can also get a better network. I also like to review pieces that aren’t completely anonymous and where I can connect with the writers even if just by a couple of e-mails. This also makes reviewing more of a challenge and it does happen that a writer you respect produces something you don’t happen to like. You still should be objective and offer such advice as you can. You also need to bear in mind that anything you read / listen to may have been conceived and written a long time ago and the writer has almost certainly moved on.

The minuses

It is very clear to me that there is a huge demand for reviewers and a massive ground-swell of people in various places in the spectrum of self-publishing in all its glory. Some approaches are professional, some are less so; some are desperate for any reviewer and find a way to twist your preferences to suit their pieces.

[pullquote]a lot of demand[/pullquote]

There is a lot of demand – along with everything else I review, and a day job, and my own writing I immediately find myself saying no to most people which is a shame. Even if only 25% of queries match my interests I still have too much I could read. Apologies to those I turn down and I do wish you well. There is clearly an opportunity here that I will be exploring – I’ll keep you posted.


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