Choice: help me pick a cover. Please

option choiceI’m in the final throws of editing a short story called The Golden Dæmon which I will be putting out for Kindle for various reasons I will document elsewhere. While I do the final edits, convert and check over the next few days I thought I’d ask for some opinions on a cover.  I have been using Derek Murphy’s templates (from CreativIndie) and produced two designs which follow. What I’d like is an opinion on which one you prefer. Feel free to comment on the story title itself but all you need to know is that the story is a short (~6,000) tale in an epic fantasy style.

The two covers

In the order I designed them my two options (with variants) are as follows:

Golden Daemon 1 (small)
Choice A: Fantasy landscape
Golden Daemon A2
Choice A: Simplified cover better for thumbnail
Golden Daemon 2 (small)
Choice B: Minimalist modern look
Golden Daemon B2
Choice B2: Add a sword and pick the golden glow

Please feel free to comment below, Contact me or even tweet me.

Following feedback I have simplified in option A2 and standardised the fonts in both A2 and B2 (I put several version on A1 and B1 to get comments).

I look forward to hearing from you!




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