Scrivener released for Windows

Literature and Latte logoLiterature and Latte has announced that, after a year in development and with extensive beta testing, version of Scrivener for Windows is available. A Linux build will be following but for now the focus is on updating users with the Windows version. The release is slightly dampened due to a few quirks of Windows and users may need to run regedit before installing (details on the relevant forum). Basically if you get the message ‘Installation and runtime mismatch’ you need to have a look. There are also cases of users needing to download the installer by hand. Best news is that this is free to registered users.

I needed to do the first but not the second.

What’s new?

The release note is here: SCRIVENER RELEASED – 27th May 2014There are over 500 bug fixes and many new features including:

  • Import / Export – lots of new options and better cut& paste from web pages
  • Compile – many features including more actions for links when compiling for RFT /Word
  • Formatting – several improvements
  • Templates, PDF creation, changes to links… too many to list!

The simplest thing is probably to download and use! I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve used it for a few things. I just upgraded and opened the project I was working on; no apparent problems. So far so good! Let me know what your experience is!


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