Reblog: Shakespeare and self-publishing

Shakespeare PlaysSadly not a long lost work from the noble bard but a mnemonic from a more modern author named Matthew Mather. In his post SHAKESPEARE system for helping authors figure out self-publishing by Matthew Mather is a range of advice one piece for each letter of the great man’s surname. The post is over on SFF World and Matthew is the author of the Cyberstorm novel chronicles.

I post this is it is not only interesting in its own right but also touches on a couple of topics I will be developing over the next few posts. Stay tuned!

If you’d like a clue, check out the letter P (with some of the first S). Some of this is widely posted all over the web (R in particular) and I think the A might provoke debate. If you haven’t clicked and read the link by now you never will;-)


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