Wanted: Short story writers for a collaboration

TeamSomething that I learned from self-publishing The Golden Daemon on kdp was the minimum price floor that Amazon operates. I know there are ways to try to get round this but even so (and parking working for free for another post – For Free or Not For Free) given a market in which lots of people put up lots of titles of tens of thousands of words for little money it is challenging to sell a 6,000 word story for 77p (0r 99c).

What options are there apart from giving it away?

Team work

If 99c (and I’ll stick to US pricing for now) looks a lot for 6,000 what happens if you start bundling short stories? It’s a simple matter to suggest prices that give a new reader more words per cent. I will explain:

Stories Words Price Words per cent
1 6,000 99  61
2 12,000 1.49 81
3 18,000 1.99 90
4 24,000 2.49 96
5 30,000 2.99 100
6 36,000 3.49 103

Some of the price points are arbitrary and there would probably be a curve ending up with six short stories at $2.99 and 120 words per cent (UK: six stories, £2.33 and 154 words per penny). To achieve this with six short stories needs either one author and six stories or six authors with one story each.

Wanted – five more writers

My proposal is this – if other writers want to get a short story published I am willing to pull them together and between us we can get a title out. I suggest either a fantasy or science fiction collection depending on interest. I think this is a relatively rare idea and and interest way to share the marketing effort and get something substantial out there.

Any interested writers please use the contact form and I’ll start bouncing the idea around amongst a group. If you’re not interested please let someone else know about this.

I look forward to hearing.




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