Reviews for the BBC Radio 4 season Dangerous Visions

Dangerous Visions BBC Radio 4A mention for a couple of my Starburst reviews if nothing else than to keep my portfolio up to date – I don’t reference everything just some of the more interesting pieces.

I am very pleased with a couple of reviews I completed for the BBC Radio 4 Dangerous Visions season. The reason I am so pleased is that I was approached by Radio 4 to review the pieces. Now I am sure they approached many other reviewers but it is nice to be asked and the BBC carries a certain cachet. It does show the value of networking and brand.

The details of the reviews are below.

The two reviews

the-martian-chronicles-reviewFirst up was an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian ChroniclesI found this easy to review as I am both familiar with the book and enjoyed the production. Following the publication I made contact with someone involved in the production and he shared some thoughts on how they might have adapted it in two parts.

I always like it when people I write about find themselves mention in my reviews then get in touch.

do-androids-dream-of-electic-sheep-reviewThe other review was another science fiction classic, Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? As it happens I read the novel in the last year so was well placed to comment on this. I won’t bore you with my Bladerunner anecdote!



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