A short story self-publishing strategy

Surreal fantasy face showing vision and strategyThere is a point where being a dilettante (ie dabbling for fun and trying a few things) ceases to be the whole answer. This is true in many areas and definitely true for writing. The gap between vision and reality may never be closed but progress can always be made.

As part of my fretting over pricing for Kindle books (see For Free or Not For Free?) I did some digging around the web in doing so I found out a few things…

A self-publishing diary

Over on Absolute Write (Write hard. Write true. And Write on.) I found a forum topic from a Bristol based writer using the handle parametric (phoenix blazing). This topic is called Short story strategy: a self-publishing diary and is an honest tale of self-publishing, pricing, failure and success. It’s worth bookmarking if you are in the early stages of self-publishing. The writer is also on twitter @sirayn).

Reading through I spotted that my nascent idea of write some short stories then offer them at more competitively priced bundles was in use by others (so can work!) but also has a name –  The Dean Wesley Smith strategy…

Dean Wesley Smith

If you check his site out Dean Wesley Smith is a prolific writer with opinions. This is no bad thing and it clearly works for him. You might to take a look at his Think Like a Publisher and Killing the Sacred Cows though his style may not be for everyone. That said I think they are worth a quick scan.

Where does that leave me?

I’m not a pioneer which is fine but I am treading a path that others have been successful in doing. Wherever it leads it will give me experience and take me nearer my ultimate goal. It makes me less of a dilettante though I expect that is about perspective not necessarily an absolute measure.




  1. It’s always great when others in self-publishing are willing to share their experiences. I say that we are all in this together. If you can help a fellow author out- why not?


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