Spacejock software

Simon HaynesIf you’re interested in free software to help with your writing then at some stage you will discover Simon Haynes (twitter: @spacejock) and his site: Spacejock Software. Simon is not only an author (here is his Amazon profile)  but also a software developer and provides a set of odd tools that you might find interesting.

They are free, work and do a job. They are not as feature rich (or bloated) as other tools and have odd features that I think other tools should include (and I have mentioned this to at least one provider of such).


The most widely referenced of Simon Haynes’s tools is ywriter5 a perfectly decent tool for writing a novel and which Simon has himself used for his own titles. On the home page Simon generously plugs Scrivener for Mac users; since ywriter5 was released Literature and Latte has released a Windows version of Scrivener.

I like the way you can track characters to scenes (in a simple way – take note Scrivener) and also track mood, do storyboards and lots of other features. I nearly opted for this as my main tool but (so far) haven’t.


Once you’ve written your novel / story / article you need some way to track how well it does; for this Simon provides Sonar3. This I did use until I bought something that also had a built in (and maintained) list of publishers.


As I said these are free and work – if you don’t have any other options why not see if these can work for you? are there any other tools I should mention? Let me know!


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