June 2014 – another stock take

Progress graphRegular visitors will know I like to set annual targets and assess progress towards them at mid-year. This allows me to reflect on changed priorities and turns of fate. I set this year’s targets in the post Targets for 2014 and repeat them below.

Enough ado, how have I done?

Snapshot of progress

The table below is the list of targets with a set of smiley faces to indicate how happy I am with each area:

Target Progress Smiles
Attend Events 4 None so far
Complete eBooks 2 Two short stories Golden Daemon and Oxford Occultist  Small SmileSmall SmileSmall Smile
New publications 4 No progress
Published articles 12 One  Small Smile
Enter competitions 6 Have entered at least three Small SmileSmall Smile Small Smile
Short stories 8 Have completed four  Small SmileSmall SmileSmall Smile
Final draft of The Third Door 1 Am around 35% through  Small SmileSmall Smile
NaNoWriMo 2014 60k Wait until November  N/A

As to my StarBurst work:

Target Progress Smileys
Published in magazine 6 One
Published on website 50 43  Small SmileSmall SmileSmall Smile


I have focussed in on short stories and getting them on kindle to the expense of broadening out my non-fiction. I have done other networking things not measured here. I need to get out more (I have some ideas) and my targets need re-aligning. No problem, that is the point of this review!

I won’t reset my StarBurst targets as they are also connected to my networking. I will reset my other targets:

What Target  What  Target 
 Events 2  Competitions 6
eBooks 6  Short Stories 10
New publications 4  Final Draft 1
Articles 4  NaNoWriMo 60k

See you in December!


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