The importance of goodreads to authors

goodreadsHaving started the ball rolling on self-publishing with a couple of titles I am now looking into marketing. My recent promotion worked well and I want to do more and enhance the coverage even further. This has led me to several recommendations to join goodreads. I hadn’t considered it a priority before, that was until I joined and found that my recent title, The Oxford Occultist was already up and linked to another Tony Jones! I am in the process of sorting that out and have set up my own author page (link to the right). I thought I would provide a few links to some well written articles explaining more generally why (and how) any author, indie or not, should look at goodreads at their earliest convenience.

Some relevant links for goodreads

These are in no order apart from the order I found them in:

Do you use goodreads? Any success stories? Let me know!

Feel free to check out my profile and add comments to my stories / books!


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