Self-promotion: should you do it and if so how?

promotionI present three blog posts on the topic of self-promotion. They start from a discussion of the necessity and cover a range of methods centred around publishing ebooks on the kindle.

Indie authors have to do both write and produce their books. I mean produce in the sense of Producer – someone who project manages (and probably finances) the entire creation including book cover, editing, proof reading, publishing and marketing. For physical books this might include printing and shipping though most will outsource that.

Each step (including writing) can be outsourced though that moves the line towards being an indie publisher. The equation for most steps is easy – can you do it well enough yourself? If not buy in the service. Elsewhere I have covered many of these steps and with the release of my recent two titles (The Golden Daemon and The Oxford Occultist) I have now investigated self-promotion.

The self-promotion posts

First a post tackling the whole concept head on. It is from Forbes, written by Suw Charman-Anderson and titled Book Promotion For Self-Publishers: A Waste Of Time? I find many posts on Forbes worth reading and I like the central point that writing should be the priority.

A specific post now from a marketing blog (on Marketing Easy Street). This is by Brian G Johson and titled How To Launch a Book – KDP Select Free Book PromotionThe title gives the scope and the post itself has plenty of useful lists that I will be exploring.

Finally a whole site – which is packed with posts and information. I have added to my Recommended page.


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