A bit of a hornet’s nest

hornetsI seem to have created some reaction with my recent post Tools for editing and proofreadingApart from a bit of trolling (and you know who you are), I had some interactions with two of the software companies listed and also a link to someone else’s review.

In the interest of clarity I will be tweaking my earlier post but for now this post will give a status update.

What do I recommend?

I recommend:

  • Decide what kind of tool you want (type of writing, on-line / off-line)
  • Decide if you want to spend money, if so how much
  • Use a demonstration option to gauge how you feel about the tools you are evaluating
  • Pause, then make a decision
  • Make sure your writing is it the stage where you need a tool – are you getting enough out of what you have for example?

What have I learned since?

Many thanks to CM Skiera who commented on the google+ pointer to the earlier post and gave me some links back to his own blog. Please do read through his experiences:




As to me, I have decided:

  • Make sure I use Word better than I do (and no it is no substitute for a better package but does have a place)
  • No package does what I want the way I want it to, I will make a final choice based on the best fit.

I also realise that reviewers need to make sure they are objective. This presents facts to readers. There is no harm in making a recommendation but in doing so recognise other people have different needs.



  1. Hi Tony! Great advice. Failing to get the most out of the tools we already have is an easy mistake to make, especially with the lure of all the shiny new ‘toys’ available. And thanks for the links!


    • No problem, and thanks for your posts. I think this whole area is a bit of a minefield and software is no substitute for skill and effort, That said it does help take stock during the production of a piece


      • I’m a strong believer in polishing your work as much as you can before handing it off for someone else to review. Anything less than that and you’re just kidding yourself as far as caring about quality.


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