Why you should look again at Office 365

Office 365 all devicesIn this post I am going to make the case for Office 365 for writers. I know this will cause controversy but I believe that now is the time to look again at Office 365. I know many of you will use tools such as Scrivener (I do for the creative stage), but I also know that many use Microsoft Word (it is bundled on many PCs) and have a lot of experience in its use. I tend to draft in Scrivener, print, re-draft then export for assembly (and more checking) in Word. Now, with the update to Office 365 Home Premium I think everyone should look again at how they can use Office 365 for themselves. There are some general benefits then a key reason…

General benefits

First it gives you Office 2013 which is much refreshed from 2010 in terms of templates [no real use to a writer] and also looks like a Metro / Windows 8 product [this may not be convincing many people so far].

It is integrated with OneDrive (was SkyDrive) and this means more reliable backups of your work if you use that (more later).

It is pretty cheap – yes there is an annual fee but this allows for five installations on PC or Mac and a further five on tablets / iPads! If you have a family or a few devices this is not a large investment.

It has other tweaks such as the ability to directly integrate wikipedia into Word [useful and not just for non-fiction].

Key reason

Not only does Office 365 give you all of the above but, as of this week, it also gives you a massive 1 Terra-byte of cloud storage – yes way larger than Dropbox / Google drive and the like. I have seen analysis that says this is cheaper even than Amazon’s solution on the cost of storage alone.

This could be a game changer.



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