Resources: Mars for writers

Curiosity_Approaching_MarsFor several months I have had some ideas for stories that involve Mars. In digging around I have found a few resources that will be of use to anyone interested in the red planet and more so if they intend to write about it. This is not the Barsoom of Edgar Rich Burroughs but the Mars of today and tomorrow. Do let me know of any useful sites I have missed.

Mars resources

All of these are interesting and I suggest you look into them all:

  • If you’re writing about Mars you need to know where everything is. I recommend the wikipedia article Geography of Mars an example of the detail available is in the map of the Syrtis Major quadrangle
  • Did you know there’s a Google Mars? There is
  • There a wonderfully detail (and large) PDF map of Mars available from the US Geological Survey (Map 3292 Geologic Map of Mars)
  • The image at the top of this post is from NASA – they have lots of material freely available for use (blog posts, covers…)
  • Finally a map of Mars in the future after the terraforming has started! The ModifiedMars.Com tourist map.


  1. Since I put this up, the BBC has put the following piece up regarding the use of 3D printing for creating buildings on Mars:

    Download, print, build your Martian home in 24 hours


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