Indie Authors: Use niche power to spin your success

Left_south_niche_of_St.Isaac_cathedralHaving a niche can be a powerful place to be for an Indie Author. If you focus on an established topic this becomes part of your brand. Niches come in all sizes and you can be known for more than one though it is hard to be known for several.

Having run a Kindle give promotion last weekend (Weekend promotion on two titles) I was struck by the advantage to writing for a niche when it comes to marketing.

The benefit of an Amazon niche

Amazon has many categories; one of these is Books > Science Fiction and Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel. Without much thought I put my title Three Drops in Time in that category. I ran my promotion (ie gave the title away) and got dozens of downloads with some gentle marketing. At peak (Saturday evening / Sunday morning [sounds like a film]) I reached #7 in that category. This allows me to spin the following claims:

AMAZON Top Ten Title

AMAZON Top Ten Author

There is an extent to which both these statements are true; I just didn’t mention for a few hours, for a free book!

It’s also interesting to understand how many titles you would have to sell to keep in the top 10 of a niche – something I will be pondering further.


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