Jezero Station – my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel

Jezero StationAfter much prevaricating I have finally settled on a novel for this year’s NaNoWriMo – I have called it Jezero Station. It is a science fiction story and no, it isn’t set in the railway station of the city of Bled!

The setting should be pretty obvious from the cover (which will change). For a bonus, anyone who comments on the name / cover / location before November will get the chance to name a character!

I’ll let you know more once I’ve done the first draft in November!



  1. I saw your post when I was looking for information on Nanowrimo 2014 – I am getting ready to participate too, for the second time. It must be very inspiring to have a draft cover already in place!

    It is a good image of the red planet. Given your title, I would imagine that it involves colonization and perhaps terraforming of Mars?

    Good luck with your last month of preparation for Nanowrimo.


    • Thanks Aly, and yes it’s set on Mars. I have a broad vision for a set of stories set on Mars and this does have lots of references to the early decades. I find a draft cover helps me focus (and gives me something to put in the blog post!

      What did you write last time? Have you sorted out all your ideas for this year?


      • Last year I wrote historical fiction set in the 6th-century. An Anglo-Saxon healer had to choose how to balance the magic and charms with the more rational scientific ideas beginning to emerge. I continued working on it after November and finally finished the draft (somewhat more than 100,000 words total), though I have much more editing to do!

        This year I’m doing historical fiction again, this time set in the late 18th and early 19th century in coastal Maryland. The main characters (based on real people) are a young planter and the enslaved person bequeathed to him when both were small children. As the War of 1812 intensifies, British warships regularly launch raids from warships patrolling the rivers leading to Washington. The boys grew up together in the same household, but how might their loyalties shift during this tumultuous period? I started doing the historical research last year, and am working now on developing a plot outline and character sketches so that I will be ready when November 1 arrives.


      • All sounds very intriguing. I’ve not done any character sketches yet though have a strong idea about my story. I don’t see me getting to much more than 60-70k with Jezero!

        Good luck, do let me know how you get on!


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