The seven postcard elements you should use

Brighton PostcardEvery self-published Indie Author should have some postcards. You may not have thought about this, but what happens when you want to leave a tangible trace of your work? If you only publish ebooks, what do you take to a book promotion to give away? What do you sign? The answer is the postcard.

Authors I know that write scripts for audio often sign CD covers at conventions. This isn’t the product but the cover is a good proxy. It also also something that can be signed and can epitomise your work. You an also do fairly short runs not far ahead of an event and see how you get on.

You need to consider several elements when designing your postcards – I list them below.

The seven elements of postcards

If you want a simple checklist, here it is:

  1. A cover
  2. A blurb
  3. Your best reviews
  4. Your picture
  5. Your bio
  6. Your links
  7. Your social media details.

You must capture your brand on any postcard and almost certainly you will tie one or more sets of postcards to individual books or maybe a generic portfolio promotion. When you start out any exposure is vital and don’t assume that people will pick up a postcard, like the cover, remember it then wander round the web and read all about you. You must make it easy.

If you need it I give some details below


Unless this is only about you as a writer, you are probably promoting a release (and will need something to sign!), in which case you must give prominence to a cover.


If you’ve got a cover you must have a blurb (and will have used this on Amazon / goodreads). Drop it in here, play with the text a bit and make it sing.


If you have early reviews from beta readers quote them here. You can also quote best reviews from other works which helps with cross-promotion.


Even if you aren’t photogenic (have you seen my photo!) you should put an image down. Amazon authorship and good reads encourage this. You might even have something on your twitter feed and should have for Facebook. Imagine you put this on a noticeboard at an event – someone might just recognise you and start a conversation.


Again this is something you should have on Amazon / goodreads / your blog. It is like your own personal blurb. If you don’t have a bio, write one now.


Link back to your blog. Link to your product page on Amazon might be less useful – they aren’t easy to type. You could look into barcodes or even QR codes (something I will be doing). If nothing else you should have some presence on the web and link to it so people can find out more.

Social Media

By no means least put your twitter handle somewhere. If you’re more Facebook (or Pinterest or …) then link to that. Give the person with the card a way to get in touch – twitter is excellent for this.


Do you use postcards? What’s your experience? Is there anything I can add to this list? Let me know!


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