Writer’s block avoidance from Writer’s Digest

writer's block barrierI was doing some reading around on various approaches to managing writer’s block when I came across a guest post on the Writer’s Digest website. The site as a whole has lots of material and the guest post was by a writer named Brian Moreland. Brian’s post is titled 7 WAYS TO OVERCOME WRITER’S BLOCKI have singled this out as the list of techniques is similar to, but not the same as, one of my own.

In my book Opening the Creativity Diamond, I have a section using various psychological / creative tools to re-frame (ie re-define) the problem or other creative techniques to get writing anyhow. The list Brian gives is very similar in places but has a couple of techniques I didn’t specifically cover.

His third of using Tai Chi / exercise to get your mind in the right state is a good example of anchoring (which I did cover); his last technique with the glass of water is either a very advanced version of the same or something different. Thoughts?


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