NaNoWriMO 2014 – We’re off!

NaNoWriMo stay above the lineSo, if you’re doing NaNoWriMo you should be writing not reading my posts! If it’s all new to you, there is really only one way to complete the challenge of 50,000 words in November and that’s to stay above the line. All other advice is window dressing!

What do I mean?

The stats and the line

NaNo Banner Word CountWhat you need to do is log into every day and keep your stats up to date. The stats are entered in the drop down (see picture) in the header above the word month.

If you do this it lets NaNoWriMo track your progress and draw a progress graph and, more importantly compare your progress to the minimum required (1,667 words per day).

Once all this is set up, the task is simple, keep your word count above the line do this and you will produce more than 50,000 words in November. If you have a bad patch and fall below, your target is to get back over the line. Simple!


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