#BFIVoyager – free virtual science fiction festival

#BFIVoyager logoIf you’re a science fiction author (and this may be focussed on the UK) you might like to know that HarperCollins and the BFI (British Film Institute) are staging a free virtual Science Fiction Festival the weekend of November 15/16, 2014.

The event is designed to probe the link between literature and film – HarperCollins publish authors including Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke and Gibson so have some idea what they’re talking about.

There is also a competition for short stories and posters – see full details here: MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR #BFIVOYAGERThemes for the story (you have a week!) are:

Tomorrow’s World – from post-apocalyptic wastelands to megacities to far-flung dystopia – best described by Ray Bradbury as ‘sociological studies of the future’

Altered States – the science fiction of ‘inner space’ mad scientists, mutants, man-machines and mind-bending trips – what points us towards the fragile and untrustworthy thing that is consciousness.

Contact! – time to explore life from all corners of the universe and across multiple dimensions.



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