Winning #NaNoWrimo 2014

NaNoWriMo Winner 2014I crossed the line on this year’s NaNoWriMo with my science fiction / horror book Jezero Station. That’s 50,000 words in 28 days (I did it yesterday). The book isn’t finished and will probably get nearer 70,000. I hope you’ll forgive a brief moment of self-congratulation (ok, boasting!).

My early thoughts on the experience are:

  • Easier than 2013 (my first time)
  • Much of the writing is rough draft but some bits I am really pleased with
  • I had two other ideas for NaNoWriMo this year and came to Jezero Station late in the day. I roughed out the outline but not a lot more. The writing flowed because I knew what my story was
  • I didn’t focus on word count at any point. If a ‘scene’ became two, long connected scenes that was fine. In 2013 I tried hard to make each scene be at least 1,250 words. Fine mathematically, this year was about writing the story
  • I think I am a better writer. I didn’t have to force the writing sessions, had a couple of days when I couldn’t write and didn’t stress.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your NaNoWriMo (or will have by Monday) – do let me know how it went! Next up, finish the draft, let it rest then edit!



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