Dear Santa, this year I’d like…

Christmas PresentsI’ve spent this year getting myself fully Scrivener compatible across the way I write fiction / non-fiction and have used it for both my NaNoWriMo projects, and the titles I have published this year. I was therefore nonplussed to read the following piece on The Daily Mac View by Alain LaTour: WHY THE BEST WRITING SOFTWARE EVER DEVELOPED IS NO MOREThe piece is a bit sensationalist but does make a point – Scrivener is in danger of losing its edge. It is for many people the piece of software to use for writing. It grew up on Mac and the PC version (how I started with it) has struggled to catch up, and received a lot of development effort recently. So what?


The Mac version of Scrivener is more feature rich than the PC. The file formats are fine so you can share files (eg on a cloud) and work from a desktop and a Macbook. All good as far as it goes. The problem is that many users are now actually only using their devices to access content or services. In plain language I mean that people want to access their email / social media / web and don’t want the device to matter. They want the applications to synchronise across platforms (chrome browsers yes, twitter app no) and this extends to tablets. There is no version of Scrivener for iOS  or Android. In term of audience this is becoming a problem. I have an iPad and can’t see any of my Scrivener files. Mac users will have iPads. Many writers I know take them around when they need to access their work – I was in studio with a writer who amended the master of a script on his iPad as the actors recorded a scene. Not possible with Scrivener!

At some point this must change and Literature and Latter know this. The sad truth, it isn’t easy but maybe early 2015? We have some hope if we look at this blog on their website: The Vapour Trail of Scrivener for iOS but be warned, the click through to the development log is more stark: iOS Development Diary NotesIt is a shame the latest entry is August 2014 and there is no sign of anything on the forums wrt a beta.

I do hope this is a passing phase. I note the existence of Storyistit looks interesting but is not available on Windows! Come on guys – make my Christmas!

What one thing do you want for Christmas to help with your writing? Let me know…




  1. I’ve been holding out for the Scrivener iOS version for longer than I care to remember. In the interim though, I’ve been using Scrivener’s ability to sync with Simplenote for my actual writing. In no way a complete solution, but for banging out words on the iPad, it actually works pretty well.


    • Rob,

      Thanks for getting in touch, I’ll look at Simplenote – it’s not something I was familiar with. Do you think there’s a chance of Scrivener for iOS in anytime soon?


      • Impossible to say, really. Literature & Latte are playing their cards pretty close to their chest. I’m ever the optimist though.


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