New cover for Jezero Station

jezero cover smallBy a curious quirk of fate I have a professionally made cover for my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel Jezero Station. Where does fate come into it, I hear you ask… Well, I got this cover done for free! How? Read on…

Over on CreativIndie, Derek Murphy asked for volunteers for an experiment. He’d decided, rather than do NaNoWroMo 2014 with a novel he’d do 30 coves in 30 days (being a cover designer amongst his many other talents). He also thought he would do them all in one day, just to make it interesting! He asked for volunteers, and I was one of those. The full story is on his blog: 30 book covers for Nanowrimo Authors (results and video) and not only is my cover there with the others but also a video showing how he did them all (rather speeded up!). I like the way the title for my book appeared and the way he added the flash between the J and E of Jezero.

Thanks Derek!

BTW – my initial cover is this one:

Jezero Station

My surface of Mars is none too shabby (it is a picture from NASA) but the title is chalk and cheese better than mine!


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